Matching the Vision

When Founder Steve Soble came to us his vision of a “Starry Sky” for a new local brewery project, we knew he had found the right place.

District Brew Yards new Taproom at 417 N Ashland is host to a trio of Chicago breweries. We don’t always get to work with local companies so being right down the street was a big treat for us on this one. We toured the space and ran the usual numbers, figuring out the number of pendants and how long the cords should be.

Running the Numbers

For the main skylight atrium, we installed 118 pendants with LED 5” Amber Globe bulbs. They were distributed between 8 fixtures with cords varied from 7 feet to 18 feet long.


A Warm Tube Welcome

In the entryway, we wanted to utilize the existing elements of the space and exposed steel supports were the perfect frame to wrap pendants around. Using 6 of our 14 pendant fixtures, lights could easily be spread throughout the hallway and 7” and 11” skinny tube bulbs fall through ceiling, guiding you into the brewpub.

Local Collaboration

With many touches from local artisans, getting to be a part of this local collaboration was a win all around for the West Town Community. Cheers! :-)

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