Frequently Asked Questions

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  • All Hangout Lighting products are custom built to order and shipped from our Chicago workshop and showroom in Chicago, IL.

  • Parts and supplies ship within 2 business days. All fixtures are made to order and shipped within 1-2 weeks of the order date. Domestic US shipping takes 2-4 days to arrive. Rush 2-3 day production and express 1-2 day shipping is available during checkout. Contact us or leave a note with your order for strict deadlines.

  • Most domestic orders are received 2-4 days after shipping, depending on the location and order size. International orders have a shipping time of 6-10 business days.

  • We use UPS and USPS to ship our products.

  • Yes! All the time. International shipping rates are calculated at checkout. Please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

  • Don't worry! All Hangout Lighting orders are securely packaged and damage in shipping is very rare. But just incase, packages are fully insured. So please notify us within 45 days of receipt to report any damaged items.

  • Absolutely, we will notify you when your order is ready for pickup. Please use promo code “pickup” to remove the shipping cost from your order.

  • Yes. We do have a rush option that is 1-2 week production time with 1-2 day shipping. Rush option is available during checkout, or contact us for a custom quote if you need it sooner.

  • There may be additional customs charges applied to your package upon delivery. All customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer and unfortunately we have no control over these fees or the payment process.

  • Yes, typically larger orders will still have a standard shipping time. If for whatever reason it is expected to be a longer lead time, we will contact you directly.

  • Please contact us at info@hangoutlighting.com within 15 days of receiving your order (or of the tracking marked delivered) to discuss missing or damaged items and we will be sure to promptly resolve any issues.

  • Yes, a tracking number is sent to your e-mail upon shipment.


  • A pendant is considered the cord (wire), socket (bulb holder) and bulb (glass lamp) attached to a plug (wall) or ceiling plate (hardwired).

  • The length is measured from the ceiling to the bottom of the bulb tip. We recommend looking over the Planning Guide for more information on figuring out the length of your fixture. Length can be easily adjusted a few inches from what you specify, or can be cut shorter by an electrician to adjust more than that. In most cases it is best to err on the side of longer.

  • With all of our choices, we know it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We recommend looking over the Planning Guide for a starting point when determining the best choice for your space. For any further questions feel free to contact us at info@hangoutlighting.com.

  • It’s easy. Browse our standard fixtures for inspiration and then just click our Design Your Own link on top of the page and your choose your desired combinations and view in 3D before you buy.

  • Our standard lead time for fixtures is 1-2 weeks. There is a 3 day rush option during checkout or contact us for more options.

  • There are no limits on lengths for your pendant. Up to 6ft of cord is included at the base price and additional length can be added for $1.50 per ft (per pendant).

  • Yes, please contact us at info@hangoutlighting.com.

  • Of course, any of our products can be made into a plug-in rather than hard wired.

  • All fixtures are suitable for worldwide voltages (90V-240V) and we ship internationally often. We carry most bulb options for both 110V and 220V.

  • The cardboard is a safe component of the socket, designed for insulation, and should not be removed.

  • All custom cord colors and hardware finishes are included in the price. Up to 6FT of cord is included with each pendant. Additional cord length, bulbs, and base size, may increase the price.

  • We offer a variety of bulb choices, from antique incandescent to new LED. The base price shown on most items if for the fixture only, bulbs can be added from listing the drop down menu or from our bulb collection.

  • Yes we offer threaded sockets which are 1.75" and have a threaded ring to hold any of our shades. These sockets can also be used with our 2.25" shade holders. Our cages however, can just clip onto either our vintage or modern sockets.

  • The standard lengths for a Hangout Lighting wood chandeliers are varied from 15"-35" (from the wood to the socket). Pendants may be requested shorter or longer. Cords can be adjusted shorter by pulling extra wire onto the top of the wood, so in most cases we suggest staying with the standard lengths and adjusting shorter on site as needed.

  • Our single pendants can be installed into track lighting. We do not supply the track adapters but our pendants can easily be installed into your own track adapters. Please just include a note with your order that you will be using with a track adapter and we will accommodate accordingly.


  • Hangout Lighting carries both incandescent bulbs (40W-60W) and LED bulbs (4W). We recommend looking over our Bulb Guide for more information on our bulb selection.

  • Yes, all of our bulbs are dimmable, but there are many types of dimmers and not all of them are compatible. We recommend Forward Phase Dimmers (also called leading edge, or TRIAC). (NOT reverse phase). TRIAC dimmers are typically used for Incandescent, but are compatible with some LED's (like ours!)

    Here are a few known compatible models we can recommend:
    Lutron Skylark
    Lutron Diva
    GE Z-Wave Smart Dimmer

    Lastly, a few particulars to keep in mind when installing your new fixture with a dimmer:
    • Check the maximum wattage of your dimmer to ensure it will be enough for your fixture, especially if you have multiple pendants
    • Dimmers do have a life expectancy of about 5 years, so if you're dimmer is getting older, it is possible that it will stop working or not work properly with a new fixture
    • Not all LED bulbs are the same, your new bulbs & fixture may or may not be compatible with your existing dimmer.

  • Hangout Lighting uses standard Medium base bulbs. Size E26 (110V), E27 (240V)

  • We recommend looking through our Bulb Guide to determine the amount of light you need for your space. If you have any further questions, contact us at info@hangoutlighting.com

  • The most likely cause is the bulb not reaching the connection inside the bottom of the socket. The bulb must be screwed in tight enough to be touching the gold flap at the bottom on the socket. With the POWER OFF, please pull this gold flap up a little bit and try screwing in the bulb as tight as possible. If this doesn’t work please contact us at info@hangoutlighting.com.

  • Our incandescent bulbs are 180 lumen, 40W. You can compare the brightness of all of our bulbs by looking at the "lumens" amount listed on our Bulb Guide

  • You can compare the brightness of all of our bulbs by looking at the "lumens" amount listed on our Bulb Guide.


  • Our products simply install to most standard ceiling boxes. Hardwired fixtures should always be installed by a professional electrician. Multi-pendant fixtures come wired together to one single connection for easy install.

  • Yes! We are fully UL listed and labeled. So you can be confident your lights have been safety tested and are ready for residential or commercial installations.

  • Yes! A sloped ceiling should not affect your installation very much. Cord lengths can be slightly adjusted after install as needed. Wood chandeliers can be hung level by wire or chain.

  • Cords will usually stay how they are placed. Twisted cords will initially hang a little straighter than the round cords but the round can also be adjusted to be very straight. One trick is to use a hair dryer to loosen them up and then carefully, but tightly, pull them perfectly straight.

  • The cords can be easily shortened by loosening the set screw in the plastic cord grip, and pulling up additional wire into the ceiling plate. You can fit about 1-2 FT of wire into the ceiling plate. Lengths cannot be adjusted longer.


  • We offer a 30 day return policy for any accessory items, such as bulbs, cages, or shades. Since fixtures are custom made to order, we can not accept return on most of these items. We do want to ensure you are fully satisfied with our product. For any further questions or concerns please contact us at info@hangoutlighting.com.

  • If your order is not what you expected, please contact us at info@hangoutlighting.com within 15 days of receiving, and we will surely resolve all issues promptly.

  • Our standard warranty is 3 years for fixtures and 1 year for bulbs, under normal use conditions.