What is Industrial Style?

The originator of open spaces and high ceilings with exposed ducts.  Industrial style combines utilitarian design with worn textures and raw material, embracing metal, brick and cement.  This style is minimal and no-nonsense.  Keep it clean, simple and free of shrills.

Common Elements

Color Pallette

naturals with cool undertones


worm and raw material

What's Your Flavor?

Hangout Lighting offers a wide range of lighting options that will help you achieve your flawless industrial look.

Lighting Options

Aged wood, worm textures, metal


Mix, Match and Customize Your Industrial Look

From bulbs to cords to everything else you need, create lighting that's right for you and any room in your space.

Cord Colors

cool, subdued neutrals with saturated accents

Sockets & Finishes

dark toned metals


exposed filament, vintage style Edison bulbs

Shades & Cages

exposed bulb, metal shades and wire cages