Security Deposit - Hangout Event Rental

Security Deposit - Hangout Event Rental


Product Details

Your security deposit is fully refundable pending there is no damage to the space or furniture and checkout procedures are followed:

  1. TRASH All trash must be taken out to the dumpster at the bottom of the outdoor black stairs on the side of the building (by the deck)
  2. LOAD OUT All equipment and decor, including any rentals must be removed from the facility prior to the contracted end time.
  3. CLEANING  The contracted caterer is expected to spot sweep the Catering Kitchen and Event Spaces.(a push broom and other cleaning supplies are available in the back storage room near the rear emergency exit)- Check the refrigerators for any items left behind  -Please rinse any rented bev dispensers or vases, etc. - Check the deck and outside stairs for any debris. Wipe down copper bar DRY.
  4. FURNITURE Any furniture; tables, chairs, couch, etc. that have been moved must be returned to its original location.
  5. LOCK UP Please lock the side door to the deck and exit out the front door
  6. LEAVE QUIETLY Please respect our neighbors and kindly ask all guests to leave quietly

All alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender

No band or DJ after 10pm. Cleanup by 11:00pm.

No smoking indoors or on the deck. Smoking is permitted in the side driveway only.

No confetti, glitter, or other difficult to clean décor.

All setup and cleanup time must be included in the scheduled booking. This deposit will be used to cover any overage time.