Have you seen our showroom? It’s such a lovely space that’s filled with our unique products. Located in the historic Grand Avenue Design District, our building is a 19th century brick behemoth with tall ceilings, exposed elements, cement floors, and pipes zig-zagging up, down and all around.

This interior is the perfect catalyst for Industrial design—a style rooted in utilitarian features with the worn textures and the warm character of raw materials. The stripped back architecture of our building was calling for us to give it the industrial flare. So that we did.  

In our space, an area we thought that would look awesome under the industrial lens was our kitchen. Our kitchen is a hub. Not only do we eat here, but we also have weekly meeting, sit downs with clients, intense sessions of Cards Against Humanity, and often provide after-hours entertainment. Quite simply, this is where Hangout hangs out.

When designing a kitchen, it’s vital to have functional lighting. Questions arise: What should go over the table? How about the island? We love these sorts of questions and we love it even more when we can answer them with stunning lights.

So, what did we do?

Kitchen Island

Above our kitchen Island sits this amazing chandelier. 17 pendants come hanging down and light up the counter below. We mix and match the bulbs to give it flare and shape. The bulbs complement the smooth walnut wood that feeds the black pendants. 

Our Dining Area

Placed over our reclaimed wood dining table is one of our beam wraps. With the beam wrap we achieved the unfinished look that brought out the industrial edge we were looking for. Add the glowing Edison bulbs, and the industrial look is shining.

A Little Extra

In between our board games and our aquaponics tank was a spot that needed some extra light. Our solution was a plug-in cluster. This versatile cluster is incredibly customizable and comes with a built-in dimmer. Not only does it fit perfectly in the space, but it also let’s us check up on our fish buddy, Edison.

Why we Love it

By using an industrial design, we were able to superbly complement our space and give it stylish functionality. Under the glow of our lights, we were able to make our kitchen into a sacred space for food worship and great conversations.

Take a Look

Come check out what Hangout has to offer. Of course, we have our Edison bulbs! But we also utilize reclaimed woods, plenty of metal cages, raw sockets, heaps of colored cord, and offer so much more to help you get your look!