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Swag Chandelier: Brass Chain with Neckless Globe Shades


Product Details

Introducing our stylish Swag Chandelier, the perfect addition to elevate any space in your home or office. This versatile and customizable light fixture features a range of options to match your unique taste and style. Choose from various colors, finishes, and cord lengths to create the ideal lighting solution for your space.

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  • Ceiling Plate: Brass
  • Ceiling Hooks: Brass Hook
  • Cord Type/Color: Chain 1 Inch Brass
  • Socket: Modern Threaded Brass
  • Shade/Cage: White 8" Neckless
  • Shade Fitter: Black
  • Pendant Length: 4-6 Feet Staggered
  • Ceiling Plate Diameter: 4.75"
  • Voltage: 90V - 240V
  • Weight: <50lbs
  • Name: None