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24" Square Metal Chandelier: 14 Pendant White Black and Brass with XL Smoke Bulb Mix


Product Details

Introducing our stylish Metal Chandelier - 24" Square, the perfect addition to elevate any space in your home or office. This versatile and customizable light fixture features a range of options to match your unique taste and style. Choose from various colors, finishes, and cord lengths to create the ideal lighting solution for your space.

  • m5-14mp-5-r10n1564-54
  • Metal Base: White
  • Cord Type/Color: Round Black
  • Socket: Modern Brass
  • Shade/Cage: None
  • Pendant Length: 20-35 Staggered
  • Voltage: 90V - 240V
  • Weight: <50lbs
  • Name: LED Smoke XL Bulb Mix
  • Quantity: 14
  • Base: E26
  • Type: LED