Matching the Brand

When it comes to upgrading commercial lighting, Hangout has what it takes to bring a brand’s identity to the forefront. Our project with Uncle Dan’s is a prime example of how customized lights can reflect the essence of a brand. Uncle Dan’s is the go-to spot for outdoor enthusiasts and we wanted to share the passion of their clients with our lighting solutions. After a walk around Uncle Dan’s Evanston location and a talk with their employees, we knew what we needed to do to spruce it up!

Hangout Spruces it up!

We started by thinking of what textures and forms highlight the outdoorsy vibe that Uncle Dan’s exhibits. To us, the elements of wood and rope stood out as a driving factor in this redesign.  Our solution was to design a custom-made wood chandelier. So, we contacted Sweet Home Wiscago, a local wood-artist who has helped us with amazing geometrically inspired wood fixtures in the past. To make this fixture special, we asked them to create a mountainscape for the space. And wow, they absolutely rocked this one!

After we got our hands on it, we added 17 pendants with orange tweed and olive colored cords to stay on brand. Beautiful....

Tying the Look together

Along with the mountain wood chandelier, we paired a rustic swag chandelier made of thick manila rope. Swags are wonderful for their ability to stretch light far and wide across a space without stretching the budget. This is a perfect remedy for such a large commercial space! To finish off this chandelier we added round metal cages. We loved tieing in the natural element aesthetic of wood and rope with the backpacking appeal of Uncle Dan’s. The finished products proved to be incredibly unique while also providing the retail space with the proper lighting for their shoppers.

Check it out yourself at Uncle Dan's Outfitters in Evanston, IL.