When we joined on to film an episode of The Profit, we didn’t realize we’d have a chance to collaborate with Marcus directly, bringing some of our Hangout magic to one of his latest ventures.

The location opening in Hinsdale will be a MARCUS Store and fantastic shopping destination. The 7,000 square foot, three story building, has a variety of spaces, from ornate rooms with moulding to a basement space with a very low ceiling.

As Jen said, “We loved designing new fixtures for a specific space and seeing a project through from initial concept drawings to final installation.”

The design ask was to bring together vintage and modern elements, something we love to do. We took inspiration from the gold accents throughout the space as a unifying element, as well as a really lovely 8-pointed star tile.

Hangout custom designed laser cut, two-tiered wood star chandeliers to compliment the over-sized atrium and skylights. In a non-fussy, not-at-all bulky way, the star chandeliers added needed lighting while totally bringing together the whole atmosphere. We wanted to toe the line between having the lighting enhance, not compete with, the architectural elements of the space.

In the spots with low ceilings, we utilized our custom flush mount spoke fixtures to distribute light without bringing it downward. While flush mounts often present a design challenge, we loved working around the basement ceiling height and creating something that was both function and aesthetically pleasing. Using long arm extension and long tube bulbs really spread out the light.

A 19 pendant, 40” diameter pendant cluster featured 8” glass globe shades.

Large Foyer Chandelier

We loved that the end result provided visual variety and created cohesion.

To add interest and keep every room fresh, we mixed over-sized bulbs throughout

Every space can have a magical feeling, and lighting helps set the mood. We were thrilled the lights have a strong presence without being overwhelming.

The design team at 101 S Hinsdale wrote, “Hangout did a great job of providing digital mockups to showcase their vision in the space before anything was built. This was very helpful for direction with installation and the final result turned out just like the renderings.”

With the variety of light sizes and styles and room heights, planning the exact length of wires needed was a challenge, thankfully these could be adjusted on-site. The design team appreciated that flexibility, noting “Hangout was very receptive to last minute changes and making sure the final result was exactly what the customer wanted.”

Projects like this are a great chance to do what we do best, and to try something new. We got super creative with new three-hoop chandeliers. Honestly, we couldn’t stop staring at them during install! Now the space has a unique piece of art, made with love by Hangout.

Check out the new Marcus Space in Hinsdale. When you do, be sure to look up!

54 lights

473 bulbs

Over 4,400 Feet of Cord