Just how lit is your child’s play room?

Posted on January 18 2017

Kids room Hangout Lighting Tips

4 things to consider when choosing the right light.

Let’s face it, the light fixture in your kid’s play room probably looks like something just gaudy enough to match your Mother-In-Laws continually over the top jewelry choices or the elephant graveyard from Disney’s The Lion King except with dead bugs (not even the drooling hyena is laughing about that...it’s just gross). IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE! Here are 4 things to consider before Designing Your Own.

Be Unique.

There is not a better room in the house to go over the top on than a child’s room. No matter what theme you may choose: Hello Kitty Cafe? Dinosaur Jungle? Princess Ninjas? We’ve got all the options. This is your chance to let wild and use all those crazy colors you’ve longed to use but avoided because you just can’t stand another passive aggressive comment from your Mother-In-Law about her baby living in squalor. This is your chance to get a really good picture for your instagram! This is your chance to create the perfect environment to let your child’s imagination sore!

kid room lighting fixture installation

Swag Chandeliers can’t topple over.

Our swag chandeliers provide great lighting and fully replaces the need for troublesome floor lamps that have been known to topple over. They also have the potential to provide the perfect task lighting. Whether you’re child needs more light to complete their homework, they want to set the mood for their imagination adventure, or you’re just trying to get them to read more by creating a cozy nook, you can fully customize and Design Your Own light perfect for your space!

swag chandelier kids room lighting tips

Add a switch for the perfect reach.

Not only can you customize the design of your light, you’ve got the chance to have on/off switches just where they need to be! This is perfect for the late night, in bed reading sesh, the middle of the night bathroom trips, and the slaying of the monster under the bed. 

turquoise pendant light with switch

Protect the Bulb.

How many innocent games of ‘throw the brick as hard as I can’ does it take to break a light bulb? Our experts say, "just one".  Did you know we can help? (But it's not a guarantee, because let’s face it kids are as unpredictable as drop in visits from your mother-in-law because she was ‘just driving by’. “WE LIVE ON A CULS DE SAC, JOAN”) By adding a stylish cage to each pendant light, you not only change the look, but also help safeguard against bulbs breaking!

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